It is an application which allows to interactively view all kinds of indoors and outdoors and activities with a 360 degree angle to up and down and left and right in computer and internet environment .

As you may see in our references, it is easily possible to pass from one image to another, for example to enter in an indoor location from an outdoor location by clicking on the door, to be able to see the details by zooming in, to make a tour by managing via menu. Thus, the customers will know better about the products and services provided by you.

Usage Areas:
Tourism; Hotels and facilities providing accommodation services. Real estate projects, Construction, Architecture and Decoration, Showrooms and Galleries, Fair Booths, Culture Art Entertainment Activities venues, Cities, Museums, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Factories and all places you want people to make a tour.

WebVRWebVR Feature
The panorama player that we use supports WebVR. You may watch the panoramas through with virtual reality glasses ( Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift etc.) by using your mobile phones. Thanks to WebVR feature, panoramas make you feel in a 3D (three dimension) environment. WebVR is standardly used in all of our new shootings.

Google Street View Trusted Google Street View
Do you want to be in Google Maps? We publish your panoramas of your venues in Google Street View or as a single panorama. It will be useful to use this feature in order to be seen in the first places. Click for an example.

How to watch?
HTML5 Panorama HTML5 360° Panorama
It properly works with all of the operating systems and with all of the browsers (Microsof Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome). It is recommended that the latest versions of the browsers are installed on your system.

For our 360 degree photo references, please click here.